14,014. The number of Prohibited Words had grown every year under the determined leadership of Collis Lafferty, Commissioner of the Civility Commission (CivCom). Lafferty was driven to expunge all offense from civilized society. 

No one had the right to offend another.

A small group of cyber hacktivists, X, are the last remaining civil dissidents. When their leader Sid the Squid, the world’s most famous hacker and CivCom’s most vocal critic, is arrested, X is on the brink of unraveling.

The struggle to preserve freedom of opinion falls to X members Sylas the Stylus, Bucky Lastard, and NebuLes. Now they are in a race against the clock to stop Commissioner Lafferty before CivCom uncovers their true identities and prosecutes them under the Civility Code.